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Essentially three characteristics define our philosophy at Dialect. First, we’re especially sensitive to the power of design in communicating to an audience; second, we understand the growing need for clients to appeal to a global audience in order to remain competitive; and finally, we believe in working in partnership with our clients and our translators to develop truly localized marketing materials.

The Design is Integral
As a former division of a full-service design agency, we understand the enormous work that goes into creating a powerfully designed brand. Because of this, we treat the design itself as an integral part of the communication and translation process.

Think Globally
In today’s expanding marketplace, it is important to be able to think globally, which means understanding the impact that cultural differences will have on how products and brands are received over the world — and even right here at home. Dialect helps clients communicate messages that reflect their unique business objectives; and our approach to cross-cultural design can help companies communicate their global brand that, in addition to being more culturally sensitive, can also save a substantial amount of money, thanks to efficient project management. Our work reflects the balance required to respect the local needs and desires of a community while moving into new and exciting markets on the global stage.

Each Project is Unique
You’ll find at Dialect that our approach to design, and localization is as unique as your objectives. From beginning to end, we work alongside our clients to review characteristics of the product or service, corporate identity, customer motives, cultural issues, etc. For example, some products such as food or household goods may require branding that is adapted to each market, while others, such as computer software or financial services, can be largely standardized across different markets.

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As a multi-dimensional brand translation firm, we look forward to finding ways to meet all of your needs. We invite you to call us with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

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